Sunday, December 21, 2008

A new dawn in the history of poetry

I write awesomely that is but obvious cat
and i hope this sonnet catches u unawares mat
so as the full force of visual extravaganza rat
smacks u right on ur temples sat
and treats u to the innards of the convoluted mind bat
that conjured up this buffoonery chat.

The above is a new genre of pseudo-poetry wherein prose and cons[ha ha whatta fun] no no .. prose and poetry are intermixed very cleverly[U are far too kind in ur graciousness] by an imaginative but crackpot poet who writes all the crappy lines[sensical or non thereof] he wishes and when the final draft is ready and as harmonious as the cackle of the crow remixed with the howling laugh of the hyenas ,he appends rhyming words at the end which ,far from making any sense of continuity,rhythm or song worthiness, actually fragements his creation into thoughtful deep one line quotes[On which most evangelical channels depend on making abstruse comments on the LIfe, the niverse and Everything].
Supposedly awesome eh
Looking forward to ur feedback of course

Thursday, October 30, 2008

To my girlfiend/mom/sister: A multipurpose poem for every occasion

I love the way you look at me
I love it when you stare
I love it when you catch my eye
and tell me that you care

I like it when you pat my head
and when you ruffle my hair
and when you peck 'n my cheek
or when your dreams you share

I love it when you put my head
on your lap with love so deep
and hum a tune a soothing refrain
to lull me into sleep

I love your smile when you smile at me
I love it when you frown
I love it when you dress me up
and make me look like a clown

I like when you cuddle up
and watch 'th me a late night movie
or when you make us some cold coffee
giving me reason to BE.

I like the way you fume and swears
on all around you hurl
& pay from ur purse for all our dinners
& save me from advances of others

I thank you for making me
love you,love this freakin' life
I thank you for completing me
and hope that you shall get me
A beautifully scintillating wife [;P]

But most of all I love you most
When i happen to let you down
and you pick me up from the dust
and say "Its all right my dear".

Quest for a beautiful coPassenger

Disclaimer: The poem below is a result of one of our wing bullas.As u can very well see,all's not well with IITK....

Is it a jinx on me, a witches' curse?
or vvoodoo from tanzania,perhaps from Tuten's hearse
but why oh why do i never
ever ever ever
stumble into a propinquititious setting ?

Do i smell foul or my hair's askew
maybe 't houses lice and mites for all i know
or is it last night's whisky that puts you off
for u beautiful lady up your nose and down u scoff
and so i never ever ever ever
stumble into a propinquititious setting ?

In lectures i follow thy daily trail of seats
the throne you adorned but a day earlier
and always belying my predictions y'all
sit 13 chairs away.So tell me dear
why i never ever ever ever
stumble into a propinquititious setting ?

As nonchalantly as possible,me picks my seat
at local movie shows,hoping to get you b'my side
to reach out for me out of fright
but no,a baldie snuggles on my arm
midway thru the show.Care to explain
why i never ever ever ever
stumble into a propinquititious setting ?

Before boarding trains ,the apprehensive pangs are at best
as i scan the passenger manifest
for female co-passengers of age 23ers
give or take half a decade or 5 years
But alas i am sandwiched in M's galore
and F40s and F5s and F60s and more
Please y'all tell me
why i never ever ever ever
stumble into a propinquitious setting ?

And when God does bestow this companion precious
He does so with strings attached
Strings..Huh more like a spider's prey cobwebbed
Her parents or worse yet her beau wit'er latched

So,for once i pray do sit not yonder
come sit nxt to me no more ponder
in all probbability i will gawk and hum
tuneless tunes along my ipod sung
but 'tleast i can dream along
knight in armour stories or perhaps a song
But put an end to this jinx of mine
oh Now thaaat should make it all fine.

Transient friendships: Do they even mean a thing?

You were together for but a week
and 4 score people at that too
and friendships and 'Miss-u-too's pepper your
No doubt rosy and lovely
but ain't it
all passing through like the transient wave
in the ocean that strikes the shore and dissolves?
One of the thousand pics in your album?

Whats a week you say?
Bonds are forged but in a minute
Friendships need but a talk to be cast
like a metal that seeks its mould
as effortless and aesthetic
but metal solid nevertheless

But the oceans that span across
like an insurmountable crevice that separates
friends,all well meaning but
well nigh powerless to cross the vast stretches

For our friendships knows not geography
nor the conflicts that spatter our mutual history
and though fate weaves our life threads intertwined
but at one point in space -time
we know that in the grand scheme of things,
we can count on each other.

Meet though u might
never can it be the same
for that magic is lost forever?

Truth it is what you say
But truth 'tis not
for the magic of the moment
is lovely because it is fleeting
and is cherished because
it cant be ever recreated.
But when we do cross
each others path
there will be a magic of its own
a beauty overshadowing its predecessor.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kismat Konnection!!

I am back to the drudgery and mule work of college life(though i do not doubt that 10 years down the line i w ill recline and sigh contentedly telling my kids how these days were the best of my life...good old days have had the privilege of being at some point of time the diabolical present) and the fall from grace is especially harder because I spent my 2.45 months of summer vacations resting myself to the point that my skin creases at every movement..ok that WAS way too much of a simile.

Anyhow I was attending this Global Leadership Institute organized under the aegis of Goldman Sachs Foundation ,a social entrepreneurship wing of the Goldman Sachs.74 other students were congregated at the GLI and in the words of one of my fellow attendees,Krittika, I "had never met a group earlier whom I wanted to listen to,more, than the company I found there":fantasies ,visions, flights of imagination, resoluteness, they were all there. But besides the (sometimes idealistic sometimes promising) official discussions, we also had lots of free time to imbibe each others culture and more funnily the stereotyping of a whole people. [I read this form of sentence in a novel...].One of the more intriguing queries that I received was regarding the concept of love,marriage and sex [had to use this word...maybe it will bring in more reviews / hits to this blog] in India.

Which brings me to the topic of today's blog : How do I justify/explain arranged marriages to a girl who believes in classical things like love and looks at marriages as "a union of two hearts which beat as one"?

Q:Is it true that Indians marry someone they dont even know?

A:Yes ,quite a few and almost endemically in the smaller towns. The process goes something like this:
1.Discreet inquiries from either side about the job/salary (of the prospective groom) looks ( of the bride)and the family position/caste/social standing (common to both). Everything is third party mediation with nobody being the wiser.
2.Under instigation of the third party or independently the bride's family extend feelers directly.
3.Families talk. Remember the bride and groom have only seen each othe r in blown up studio mugshots
4.Dowry discussion [Yet to see a marriage with no dowry involved and i have seen a fair share of them]
5.Boy meets girl over a cup of tea[Not coffee] . Theoretically both sides can pull out anytime but social rigidity dictates that this is the point of no return.
6.they wed and live happily ever after.

Q:But what about Love ? Doesn't it break their hearts to know that they are marrying a stranger when they can wait for their prince Charming / princess Graceful?

A:Maybe its the tabbooed way we look at the "western" concept of romantic attachments/girlfriends/boyfriends or maybe its the fatalistic cultural testtube environs we grow up in,'Love' as-u-see-it , is not going on endless dates in the search of the One or breaking up marriages at the smallest tremor of incompatibility. Mushy as it may sound, Indian marriages , though far from perfect, usually end up walking into the proverbial sunset. And there is a reason. Divorce is not seen as an option in marriages from either partner. Besides its social contraptions, it also goes against the ethical fabric of my society . And this fact or rather the absence of an undercurrent 'worst case scenario' thinking , couples so hitched together are more intent at making a relationship work than if they wre in a more open society . The incompatibilities dissolve over time and the bonds of family, Love if you may, strengthens. And therein lies the basic fundamental difference between our societies : You[pardon me for slipping into stereotypes but I guess it is justified here ] are commited to FINDING love, We , on the other hand are more into CREATING love out of thin air.

And we ARE good at it.

Q:Will u settle for an arranged marriage?

A:Um....err did u like the food?

Disclaimers:I hated the movie.It sucked BIGTIME!
All my observations have been derived from an experimental pool of around 3 specimens.The validity of my conclusions /inferences are highly questionable but since today I just wish to feel good about this world, any examples to the contrary can go to heck (Anybody's read Dilbert?)

P.S.Perhaps I might amplify the third point in the answer to the first question some other time.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008

Pi:An irrelevant poem(Not Another One??God! this guy is crazy!

Look,there's a series converging to Pi/four
how it does that..well i ain't too sure
but matters it not because its there
to learn to its 10th decimal;what do i care
to spice it up with dollops of technical twaddle
and invite the examiner's ire who ventures in this mire
of nonsense gibberish without a paddle.

Or maybe I could repackage and present
some gobbledegook-ery,
and buff and polish it to hearts content
and write it down in Monotype Corsiva
(with impenetrable symbols that evaluate to 3)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Arbitrary poems

in this post i am going to compose an arbitrrary poem on th efirst proper noun word that comes in my mind.Each poem will be 4 lines long and will speak abt some deep inherent characteristic of life

Sitting astride on thy ornate crown
like bountiful crashes of the unruly sea
In its infinitude of enmeshed meshes can drown
a man ,already hitched or free

thy silken strands beckon me forth ;afire
like a pharos on the unreachable moons
and simultaneous the feeling to stop and admire
the casual flick ,the nonchalant caress
by fingers running through vague dunes;

and when the vermilion flourish embellishes;
after your daily dip ;
the parting in your half wet forehead
the heart-wrenching chastity of the sight elicits
despair deluged in the radiance of divine harmony

Friday, January 25, 2008

Importance of Logic

A logically embellished mind is a jewel on its own and its importance can hardly be undermined.A grasp on logic and its attributes enables a person to improve the quality of one's arguments and present his ideas in a manner that they make their point in a strong and effective way.A good idea without a concise and coherent structure of presentation is too feeble to carry along or sway the opinion of the audience,the reason being that the mind will instinctively distrust a statement that seems to be lacking in the principles Life is based on.
Logic also sharpens ones acumen in the sense that the mind learns to perceive and delineate the indistinguishable discomfort one feels on being held audience to a logically flawed but oratorically splendid argument from others.Sharpening ones acumen ,logic is the consciousness that protects you from following blindly wherein your fickle heart tugs you to go;more often than not into absurd positions from a practicality perspective.Loud and overwhelming arguments which normally drowns any opposition to the speaker cannot do the same to logic which can unfathom the points of discussion and challenge if needed the flawed uncogent arguments of others.Moreover it also develops appreciation for brilliant ideas that would be lost for their obtuse exposition because an ordered mind can automatically lower the entropy of a disjointed collection of arguments.
One of the major battlefields for a logicians is against age-old practices and beliefs.It is but apparent how important it is to clear out the muddled cornucopia of weird notion a large fraction of the worlds is riddled with.And the only answer to such occurrences is Logic.Because of its very nature of scepticism in not believing something until it has been proven not only to be factually correct but also inferentially linked,logic can dispel deeply encrusted myths from lesser minds through a step by step elucidation of ideas and counteract the strong psychological and emotional attachment such beliefs entail.