Friday, December 3, 2010

A bad hair day, a bad hair do

I had a hair cut

It was A chilly Friday afternoon, I was getting bored
And as I assiduously underlined, a cup of coffee i poured
and i thought life as i knew it ,has become a bit too dull
let's sneak up a trick on it, break this interminable lull

so i decided to give myself a hair cut
and save myself a barbershop trip
and armed with the requisite weapons
i let them loose, snip snip snip

The trimmer it seemed, has a mind of its own
i tried hard to quell the revolt
but it snipped and snapped with gay abandon
like an imperious, nasty colt

Well the long and short of it was that
i was left standing among the debris
as my tresses lay strewn on the ground
scythed down, like my fashion hubris

I tried in vain to gain lost grounds
but the act, i found was fait accompli
and without further ado, my hubris gone
i beckoned for my texan hat, promptly

and so i stand, with a thatch of hair
that looks more like a roadkill
there couldnt be phrase more apt for it
than 'a shock of hair' on the rotund hill