Saturday, March 1, 2008

Arbitrary poems

in this post i am going to compose an arbitrrary poem on th efirst proper noun word that comes in my mind.Each poem will be 4 lines long and will speak abt some deep inherent characteristic of life

Sitting astride on thy ornate crown
like bountiful crashes of the unruly sea
In its infinitude of enmeshed meshes can drown
a man ,already hitched or free

thy silken strands beckon me forth ;afire
like a pharos on the unreachable moons
and simultaneous the feeling to stop and admire
the casual flick ,the nonchalant caress
by fingers running through vague dunes;

and when the vermilion flourish embellishes;
after your daily dip ;
the parting in your half wet forehead
the heart-wrenching chastity of the sight elicits
despair deluged in the radiance of divine harmony

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rohitkat said...

Does any body comment on your blog? Or does any body bother to read?