Friday, January 25, 2008

Importance of Logic

A logically embellished mind is a jewel on its own and its importance can hardly be undermined.A grasp on logic and its attributes enables a person to improve the quality of one's arguments and present his ideas in a manner that they make their point in a strong and effective way.A good idea without a concise and coherent structure of presentation is too feeble to carry along or sway the opinion of the audience,the reason being that the mind will instinctively distrust a statement that seems to be lacking in the principles Life is based on.
Logic also sharpens ones acumen in the sense that the mind learns to perceive and delineate the indistinguishable discomfort one feels on being held audience to a logically flawed but oratorically splendid argument from others.Sharpening ones acumen ,logic is the consciousness that protects you from following blindly wherein your fickle heart tugs you to go;more often than not into absurd positions from a practicality perspective.Loud and overwhelming arguments which normally drowns any opposition to the speaker cannot do the same to logic which can unfathom the points of discussion and challenge if needed the flawed uncogent arguments of others.Moreover it also develops appreciation for brilliant ideas that would be lost for their obtuse exposition because an ordered mind can automatically lower the entropy of a disjointed collection of arguments.
One of the major battlefields for a logicians is against age-old practices and beliefs.It is but apparent how important it is to clear out the muddled cornucopia of weird notion a large fraction of the worlds is riddled with.And the only answer to such occurrences is Logic.Because of its very nature of scepticism in not believing something until it has been proven not only to be factually correct but also inferentially linked,logic can dispel deeply encrusted myths from lesser minds through a step by step elucidation of ideas and counteract the strong psychological and emotional attachment such beliefs entail.

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