Thursday, October 30, 2008

To my girlfiend/mom/sister: A multipurpose poem for every occasion

I love the way you look at me
I love it when you stare
I love it when you catch my eye
and tell me that you care

I like it when you pat my head
and when you ruffle my hair
and when you peck 'n my cheek
or when your dreams you share

I love it when you put my head
on your lap with love so deep
and hum a tune a soothing refrain
to lull me into sleep

I love your smile when you smile at me
I love it when you frown
I love it when you dress me up
and make me look like a clown

I like when you cuddle up
and watch 'th me a late night movie
or when you make us some cold coffee
giving me reason to BE.

I like the way you fume and swears
on all around you hurl
& pay from ur purse for all our dinners
& save me from advances of others

I thank you for making me
love you,love this freakin' life
I thank you for completing me
and hope that you shall get me
A beautifully scintillating wife [;P]

But most of all I love you most
When i happen to let you down
and you pick me up from the dust
and say "Its all right my dear".

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