Thursday, October 30, 2008

Transient friendships: Do they even mean a thing?

You were together for but a week
and 4 score people at that too
and friendships and 'Miss-u-too's pepper your
No doubt rosy and lovely
but ain't it
all passing through like the transient wave
in the ocean that strikes the shore and dissolves?
One of the thousand pics in your album?

Whats a week you say?
Bonds are forged but in a minute
Friendships need but a talk to be cast
like a metal that seeks its mould
as effortless and aesthetic
but metal solid nevertheless

But the oceans that span across
like an insurmountable crevice that separates
friends,all well meaning but
well nigh powerless to cross the vast stretches

For our friendships knows not geography
nor the conflicts that spatter our mutual history
and though fate weaves our life threads intertwined
but at one point in space -time
we know that in the grand scheme of things,
we can count on each other.

Meet though u might
never can it be the same
for that magic is lost forever?

Truth it is what you say
But truth 'tis not
for the magic of the moment
is lovely because it is fleeting
and is cherished because
it cant be ever recreated.
But when we do cross
each others path
there will be a magic of its own
a beauty overshadowing its predecessor.

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