Sunday, December 21, 2008

A new dawn in the history of poetry

I write awesomely that is but obvious cat
and i hope this sonnet catches u unawares mat
so as the full force of visual extravaganza rat
smacks u right on ur temples sat
and treats u to the innards of the convoluted mind bat
that conjured up this buffoonery chat.

The above is a new genre of pseudo-poetry wherein prose and cons[ha ha whatta fun] no no .. prose and poetry are intermixed very cleverly[U are far too kind in ur graciousness] by an imaginative but crackpot poet who writes all the crappy lines[sensical or non thereof] he wishes and when the final draft is ready and as harmonious as the cackle of the crow remixed with the howling laugh of the hyenas ,he appends rhyming words at the end which ,far from making any sense of continuity,rhythm or song worthiness, actually fragements his creation into thoughtful deep one line quotes[On which most evangelical channels depend on making abstruse comments on the LIfe, the niverse and Everything].
Supposedly awesome eh
Looking forward to ur feedback of course

1 comment:

Phoenix said...

Its a pretty new kind of dusk each of your lines ends up with. This is one of the more ingenious methods in poetry invented in the recent times. Its like adding tomatoes to any dish you prepare and calling it Italian. And guess what, it works!!
Prodigious, dude! ;-)