Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A composition with a tune in mind

I wrote this song in class based on the tune of the Musical Hit "The bitch of Living"
Listen to the sing tune and try to sing along if you can:

The Beauty and the Goon

He first saw her in her backyard
and knew that he was doomed
She the Helen of Knightsbridge
and he the local Goon

No no never could they be
'gether in 'n embrace
nor linger close to her radiance
lest she whips out her mace

Its the bitch of living
which has us by the balls
Its the bitch of living that tells us
What went wrong!

with No moolah in the bank
and the urge he cant control
he must walk down the aisle
Its just so not fair at all

No no never could her father
let them see eye to eye
or hold hands in the park
or share an apple pie

Its the bitch of living
which makes meat of us
Its the bitch of living that
writes us off!

He could see her at the door
waiting for his return
and ask him how his day went
and how much he had earned

and how many had he threatened
kidnapped or extorted from
and clean his knife and gun barrel
and put 'em in the sun

Maybe cook an extra meal
for a hostage every day
and take care of local matters
when the Head is gone away

its the bitch of living
that makes us dream the crown
its the bitch of living that
sends us crashing down!

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