Thursday, March 19, 2009

You've got mail

I watched this fluffy movie last night[at the expense of some infinitely more important work] and a small part of it got me thinking: "beautiful penmanship". Now that is an art form which never recieved is due.

Until the dawn of the internet.

Of course it is buried a thousand feet under the slew of asinine grammatically incorrect memes but it has made a comeback of sorts. I mean even if you disregard the innumerable blogs which are more impersonal and directed at an audience[sometimes just for looking at it on your own] the net has opened up unexplored vistas of fraternising over the ether. The sheer pleasure of meeting an unknown online aquaintance whom you have never laid eyes on[and might not ever,by sheer geographical constraints] and conversing on things as abstruse as the latest Booker prize winning novels to ethnic delicacies in the Lucknavi repertoire and to share abstract and highly personal dreams that you often indulge in ,ones that you never shared with people around you ,not even close friends, relatives. There is a peculiar freedom associated with an online 'chat' with an online friend which is lacking in our more normal day to day correspondences.

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