Monday, April 27, 2009

21 things to do before i turn 21

And i intend to make a similar list
"x things to do before i turn x" every year till i catch up

1.Go to Shimla and thereabouts to see where I spent the first 2 years of my life and see if i remember anything at all
2.Talk to a girl,not g-talk
3.Talk to a girl and she doesnt run away on some pretext or the other
4.Do one death defying act:with proper safety precautions of course
5.Abuse someone with the choicest expletives that I have learnt from my stay at IITK[never used One]
6.Drive a BIG car and preferably crash it into the sea.
7.Go on a 'Date' whatever that means,Not a blind date though
8.Get a honeymoon trip to Switzerland ,for my parents.What with two kids,they havent had a time for themselves in a long long time.
9.Give one of Dr. Cox's speeches to one of my department teachers
10.Get a Btech degree
11.Learn to speak Victorian english/Wodehousian dialogues fluently
12.Grow up
13.Not smoke or drink anything stronger than a cough syrup
14.Go on a train trip across India,not getting down on stations,just sitting in my sleeper coach ,looking out of the windows[in the winter though]
15.Ride a motorcycle,even sitting on the back will do but only if a girl is driving . :)
16.Grow my hair and grow a beard
17.Girlfriend: thats probably too much to ask for
18.Write a novel
19.Sleep for 2 days straight. Only 3 15-minute breaks to eat and drink
20. Do something.


Pushkar said...

too much, too much, and yet too ambitious in some points.....

Educated Illiterate said...

@ 12,13 - Good luck with that!
@ 8 - Ambitious but I hope you can get that for your parents! :)

Mittal said...

9 studd hai !! :)

seema said...

so swwet....not even a single wish make me afraid...u can add some more wish....honeymooon trip without 2 kitty cant imagine.....

Manish Kumar Singh said...

but there are 20 only and one of them is impossible. :P