Friday, December 3, 2010

A bad hair day, a bad hair do

I had a hair cut

It was A chilly Friday afternoon, I was getting bored
And as I assiduously underlined, a cup of coffee i poured
and i thought life as i knew it ,has become a bit too dull
let's sneak up a trick on it, break this interminable lull

so i decided to give myself a hair cut
and save myself a barbershop trip
and armed with the requisite weapons
i let them loose, snip snip snip

The trimmer it seemed, has a mind of its own
i tried hard to quell the revolt
but it snipped and snapped with gay abandon
like an imperious, nasty colt

Well the long and short of it was that
i was left standing among the debris
as my tresses lay strewn on the ground
scythed down, like my fashion hubris

I tried in vain to gain lost grounds
but the act, i found was fait accompli
and without further ado, my hubris gone
i beckoned for my texan hat, promptly

and so i stand, with a thatch of hair
that looks more like a roadkill
there couldnt be phrase more apt for it
than 'a shock of hair' on the rotund hill



Aditi Yadav said...

If "snip snip" tale this swell
Rapunzel was to tell
Her knight in shining armour
Would gallop straight to hell

Then fairy Godmother
in swish n flick n bother
would sure send for a chopper
'stud'ded with showstopper

Our hero flies on metal wings
He rocks n rolls n yoodling sings
"Come on hop on, Rap, my dear
You look so brill sans your hair ;)"
He flings his hand and swings her in
Kisses and hugs and sweet nothings
So much and more for happy endings

And as for your "tale-o-trim"
A tragicomedy-oh-so-grim
Bury the dead in its grave
n jump in for a clean head shave. :D

jhinujha said...

too much time on your hands? at least you didnt cut your hair out of boredom, so thats good.
since then, i have put the remnants to the sword and it does look better this way, although my mum has issued orders not to parade in front of relatives/neighbours without an appropriate headgear, the appropriateness of which is measured in terms of how well it hides my scalp in the transitionary period.

Aditi Yadav said...

sweet blessed boredom
helps enclose
tears of the evening
in hard diamond of poem