Thursday, April 15, 2010

Birthday Poems

I dug this out from my archives, two poems I had written for the birthdays of my Mom and my elder sister a couple of years back. Stumbled across them on my CSE Lab computer. Thought I should make this public and I dearly hope they wont mind. In fact, I am pretty sure they have forgotten about this already :D

To Dear Deedee,
I’m wishing you another year
Of laughter, joy and fun,
Surprises, love and happiness,
And when your birthday’s done,

I hope you feel deep in your heart,
As your birthdays come and go,
How very much you mean to me,
More than you can know.

my sister happy birthday dear
awake arise for comes along
another beautiful year!
of lots of studies and com-med classis 
and gold medals and rock show backstage passes
and treats and lovely chopsuey to eat (Manipal :awesome food joints)
and every other day deadlines to beat

and stop not here for u lead
a rocking pay no heed
and enjoy this life to the hilt
spike ur haiir, and wear a kilt
and dance like an oaf on the mess table
and roll in the mud in the horses' stable
for your lovely countenance to grace this earth
we are blessed by God himself[and say i not this in mirth]

our very own little doctor madam
with a cute telescope,i beg ur pardon
for tis a stethocope that hangs around
that dainty neck on her Rounds
round the hospital she goes around
and diagnoses ailments to confound
her sorry profs ,they've got no clue
what this sweetheart can do

for behold all ye poeple
she is both beauty and brain
though how am i going to
marry her off it ain't certain

Notes: (Com-med= Community medicine, hated among medical students, almost like Moral Science in SChool)

I now think that I shouldnt upload the one for my mom. Might not be in my best interest. :) :)


shweta said...

this is absolutely lovely!!

seema said...

So sweet:)